Peruvian Chicken and Rice

Lowfat Spicy Dairy Free Gluten-free

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size12 oz
(Regular: 12 oz, Large: 16 oz)
Calories from Fat 85
% Daily Value*
Total Fat9g14%
Total Carbohydrates24g8%
Dietary Fiber3g14%
Vitamin A  82%
Vitamin C  98%
Calcium  4%
Iron  11%
* Percent Daily Values are
based on a 2,000 calorie
diet. Your daily values may
be higher or lower depending
on your calorie needs

About this soup: Known as Aguadito de Pollo in Spanish this is serious Peruvian comfort food made in almost every home kitchen. Pulled chicken, Yukon Gold potatoes, red bell peppers, corn and peas in a spicy lime and cilantro infused chicken stock.

Suggested garnish: Rice and Cilantro.

PointsPlus: 6 

Key ingredients: Chicken Stock, Chicken, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Corn, Peas, Red Bell Peppers, Carrots, Lime Juice, Cilantro, Jalapenos, Garlic.

Quotable Soup
"There are two types of people in this world: shlemiehls and shlimazls. A shlemiehl is the person who always spills soup, and a shlimazl is the person he spills it on. I'm the shlemiehl and you're the shlimazl." - Jewish Bernstein talking to archconservative Archie Bunker on the 1970's sitcom All in the Family.